On to 2014

Well it’s been awhile and to be honest, I don’t know where to start. I I’ve been on a journey and I think this journey to my health is really about to start this year. I have spent years now educating myself and going through the steps-trial and error. But I feel now, I really am ready to begin.


Be healthier by nourishing my body with nutrient foods. Extra veggies, less processed and sugary foods.

Cut down on cardio and do more yoga 🙂

Be kind to myself and show more patience.


I hope this time I realize my goals. I don’t want to give up on me. I am the true role model for my babes and I’m the only mother they will ever have. I have to show them how it’s done 😉

Good luck to all of u in the new year! Hopefully I can continue to update my progress 😉


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Hello World, hello body, hello normal life… what ever that may be!

Today I was off… I knew it too, I just keep thinking “Monday”… I really will Monday… I want to believe it this time, I will get all of this under control, and on Monday start to love myself, start to be myself, start to live… Good luck on that, tomorrow is Sunday… I look forward to that… but really it all begins Monday.

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Hello world!

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